Shatter Heart

The NFT Heart Designed to Give Away

What is a Shatter Heart?

ShatterHeart is your digital NFT hearts tied to the blockchain. Each heart comes broken to symbolize the pain and heartbreak we all experience at some point. But like our real hearts, the ShatterHearts can heal over time.

  • Created by five renowned NFT Artists
  • Give Your NFT Heart to your loved ones
  • Un-Shatter Your Heart

Upcoming Drop: Genesis

Announcing our Genesis drop! These "core" hearts are designed with different personalities in mind to appeal to all different mindsets.

Genesis H1:

150 Available

A heart by Farah Manley:
The fragmented heart fractured, but healing... the inner flowers represent love for themselves and hints of various colours represents love for all types of people.

Genesis H2:

350 Available

A heart by Phelan Threed.
"An elegant and sexual rendition of the dueling spirits that live within the passions of our hearts."

Genesis H3:

500 Available

A heart by Matthew Foglia.
"This golden heart beneath the red indicates the unconditional Buddha nature that resides in all of us, waiting to be uncovered."

Our Artists

We are proud to work with the below pioneer artists in the NFT space. Each artists was chosen for their unique positioning creating meaningful, progress driven NFT's.


Shatter Hearts were designed with the intent to give away: imagine giving your child or spouse your heart. What better way to get your girlfriend or wife into NFT's ;)


Lantern Technologies creator Jason Neuman wanted to give his girlfriend an NFT she would actually care about. He tried those Zed horses and it kind of worked. So what would work?
How about a NFT of his heart? He set out creating ShatterHeart with a team of amazing artists bringing the vision to life.

Core Beliefs

In love, we are all a little broken. Unless you are a newborn puppy you have experienced some level of emotional hurt. That's why the hearts come shattered. But like all things inside us, they can be fixed. Here at Lantern we love the digital space and are excited to be adding a piece of the ever expanding meta-verse.


We have a long engineering road map planned for Shatter Hearts that will continue to add value for years to come.


Heart display on lantern app

Ability to tie heart to Lantern App and display on profile. This will also set the stage for the gamification aspect where your answers on Lantern will change the heart appearance via a layer system.


Timeline display System

As of now each Shatter Heart maturation date is tied to date purchased. We are looking to implement a vital timeline of the art in whatever period of healing its in.


advanced healing system

By doing different actives with the heart you can speed up the maturation process.


Heart Customization & Minting

Want to create a heart for your kid? Take your spouses and your own heart to create a custom heart for your child.