You've got Q's & we've got A's.

How Do I Match?

Two things have to happen for you to match: 1) you have to choose each other & 2) you have to give the same answer to a Lantern question. This allows for both appearance and personality to be the central part of your match.

Do I Have to Pay?

You dont! The entire core experience in Lantern is free. Unlike other apps we let you match with as many people as you want, chat with whoever you want. There IS a $5 premium tier which allows you to see who likes you &match with people who give a different answer but it is not required to use Lantern.

I'm Not Matching! Why?!

Lantern is about finding you QUALITY matches. That's why it takes a little longer (estimated 48 hrs) to get a match. We suggest coming to the app, answering 25 questions and then waiting until the next day. Come back, do another 25 and you will see your matches appearing. **If you are still not matching please ensure your profile picture is a face photo (non face photos are hidden and you will not match).

Are you available outside the USA or on Android?

Unfortunately we are only available in the USA & Canada on iOS store. We are excited to expand to more countries and the Android system in the near future.

What happens if I get into a relationship?

Good news! Lantern is coming out with features that will allow you to link your account with your new boyfriend & girlfriend so you can play the game together! See what you both answer and enjoy the conversations / activities that follow.