Top 7 Dating Tips To Find Love Post Pandemic 2021

Lantern App presents a practical guide for singles who have been quarantined for a year and need adv

That second vaccine shot just hit your bloodstream and that stimulus check just cleared your bank. It’s time to get back out there and start being emotionally vulnerable by dating random strangers who could destroy your self esteem with a well placed “no thanks.”

Ah, Dating world 2021 here we come!

A year later, we have all begun to emerge, blinking at the weird yellow ball in the sky, and let’s face it - we’re all pretty rusty when it comes to walking let alone dating. Plus nobody has much to talk about either (“Pfizer or Moderna??”). So as you begin to tunnel your way through peloton repair parts and NFT clubhouse rooms, here are some top dating tips for post pandemic 2021 to help get you back out there.

1) Be Kind

Kindness is infectious so let’s help spread that in 2021. Not to mention the fact that the opposite sex finds it really attractive (Source). Some of Tik Toks most viral videos are people doing random acts of charity, comforting people in a tight spot. Posting about kindness has become a flex in and of itself. Make this a part of your mindset and it will open so many doors.

Tip well, hold the door for people, go out of you way.

Do good.

2) Let Them Know You Like Them:

This one is old school but is the basis behind a ton of dating apps having that “see who likes you” feature.

Remember high school? There was always that boy or girl you never really noticed until someone let it slip they liked you. Suddenly you are looking at them in a different light, “how did I not notice them before? Look how dreamily he moves.”

This is even backed up by research! By telling someone you like them, you’re actually making yourself physically look more attractive. Article Source

3) Be Your Quirky Self

You wont attract everyone by being yourself and that’s kind of the point. One of the things we’ve all realized in quarantine is how common all our weird quirks are. It’s just about finding other people who also have those quirks and learning to connect over them.

Lantern app was designed to really help with this one. You can explore yourself and through finding yourself meet that other person.

4) Don’t Travel to Meet Someone:

After a year of being cooped up many of us are getting vaccinated and will soon be immortal again. The lure of travel is shiny and bright with cheap flights and that cute guy from a dating app telling you to come “visit”.

Try to resist. You can do it! Traveling to meet someone puts so much pressure on that interaction, it’s setting yourself up for a really tough time.

“But he’s reaaaaally cute” you say. And you both have such great conversations. This is the year of empowerment so here’s a little trick to make it work:

Meet somewhere in the middle.

If the other person expects you to travel, they should be willing also! This is also a great way to gauge whether someone is serious or if they just want a date amazon primed to them. Where should you go?

Pick a place you’ve both always wanted to go and visit it together.

That way neither of you is on home base and you start off the relationship from a place of support and exploration, which is what it’s all about. Not to mention there’s loads of research that shows traveling together is a huge way of connecting and forging lasting intimacy with your partner. Article Source

5) Don't Be Connected to the Outcome:

The byline of this is don’t be afraid of losing someone. It’s different than apathy and more aligned with taking any fear of failure out of the equation to help you be your natural self. If you’re afraid of “not being with Jonathan” you’re going to make different decisions and potentially mess it up. Keep it natural.

6) Understand where you are in the dating timeline:

It’s OK not to be ready for a relationship. It’s OK to want to explore. It’s OK to experiment.

It’s NOT ok to drag someone into your plans when you know they aren’t looking for the same thing. It takes a real level of honesty to admit where you’re at but doing so right now will cut down on a lot of trouble. Figure out what you want before dating. Do we want sexual intimacy? Something more? Something less. Just a conversation?

This works both ways. Men looking for a quick hookup shouldn’t rope in women clearly looking for something deeper. And women looking for something deeper shouldn’t rope in men who are clearly just looking for one thing.

7) Laugh Together:

Berkeley researchers (yea how fancy is that right?!) released a study that shows by simply laughing together you like each other more. Laughing together shows we have the same outlook on life, we can understand the complexities that are the human experience. Or maybe we both love the same really stupid humor. So if you can… surround yourself with laughter (comedy clubs, ask each other silly questions etc). Article Source

Final word: The first step to finding love is being open and willing. By being here, by reading this article, by searching for answers you’ve already shown you’re ready to put in the work it takes to find someone special (especially if you’ve made it all the way here.) We love to help people on this journey so email with the code word “foliage” and we will award you free premium for life to help with your quest on our Lantern app.

There you have it. I know you’re brimming with confidence and ready to get out there and try out some of these new moves. Just remember the most important rule: every relationship is going to fail until the one that doesn’t.

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