Being Alone: The Positive Side to Being Single 💕

Here are some great reasons being single can absolutely rock!

Being in a relationship is not something that everyone aspires to. In fact, there are many people who would rather be single than deal with the pressures of being in a relationship. Being single can sometimes feel like an uphill battle when you're constantly fighting against pressure from society and even your own friends to stay in relationships or get into new ones. But don't let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to be alone! There are plenty of benefits to being single and knowing yourself better before jumping into another relationship.

Time to focus on YOU

One of the benefits of being single is that you have the time to really focus on your own personal and professional goals. Many people spend so much time in their relationship -- even when they're not they're thinking about it which can be detrimental to their personal growth. Being single, you have the time and opportunity to try new things, challenge yourself, and work on your own personal goals.

Being single can be a blessing, not just for your wallet

Being single can be a blessing in so many ways. Not only does it save you from spending time and money on dates, but it also allows you to focus on your own relationships with friends and family. It is important to enjoy time with those whom make you happy without the pressure of worrying about what your partner wants. When being in a relationship, not only do you have to worry about what they want, but they have the power to make decisions for the both of you.

You are able to explore new hobbies or activities without having to compromise for someone else

Another benefit of being single is that you have the time to explore new hobbies and activities without having to compromise for your partner or worry about what they’re interested in. You can go to concerts, try new types of food, spend time with friends without any pressure. And not to mention it's a great way to meet new people!

You can find yourself

Before getting into a relationship its important to understand what you want out of life and what will genuinely make you happy. Too many people get into relationships in the hopes that the other person will fulfill this but nobody can make you feel fulfilled than you. If you can master being fulfilled while being single than entering into a relationship will simply elevate the great life you’ve already created. Work on yourself NOW to be even stronger later. One of the ways to do that is downloading Lantern Dating App and going through the self discovery journey laid out there.

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Relationships are not for everyone. Some people would rather be single and focus on their own personal growth than worry about what a partner wants. There are of course many pros and cons to both sides. It all depends on where you find yourself on the dating timeline. If you are at a stage where you're trying to focus on your career and education, being in a relationship can pull your attention away from that. But if you are looking to share your life with someone else, or want meaningful companionship then a relationship might be right for you.

Having a partner who understands you and have common values and interests can be really great, but it is not always easy to find the perfect match. Lantern App is here to give insights and tips for both singles looking to find love, or people wanting to get to know themselves a little better!

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