8 Tips to Get Over Your Ex After a Breakup 💔💘

Get over your Ex with these tips from our Lantern experts.

Breakups are hard. They make you question your life decisions, and wonder how it all went wrong. Did I do something to cause this breakup? Am I not good enough? What if they never come back to me? Do I want them to come back to me? Why is my big toe hurting?

These are all important questions we want to help solve! So we put together your ultimate breakup starter kit with tips and tricks on how not only to survive the break up but also come out of it stronger than ever before! And don’t forget the single life is just as rewarding as being coupled, especially if you've got a Lantern to light the way.  Video Version of this Article Available Here

1) Write a List of Why you Broke Up

Yes. Actually do it. Soon after the breakup it’s important to write down two things: a) the reasons you broke up, b) the reasons you were together. This is important to make sure you can see the reasons it was great and the reasons you ended it. Our memory tends to only remember the good or the bad and maintaining a balanced view of past relationships is important to healing properly and moving on.

(It may be easier to write it in a letter format or as a journal entry like we discuss below, but either way try to get into detail about your thoughts at that time so you can start healing from this breakup.)

2) Realize that you can't change them

One of the most important things to remember as you move on is that there's no point in changing your ex. The breakup was not because of anything you did or didn't do, so it doesn't make sense to try and change them now. They are who they are and it's not your responsibility to change them - whether it be their habits,  their personality, or their looks.

3) Focus on Career

In the wake of a breakup, it's easy to lose focus on your career. But instead - channel that energy into something new and exciting to get over them! Maybe you're thinking about starting a side-hustle or just focusing more time on getting promoted at work. Either way, these ideas will help keep you from dwelling too much on what could have been.

4) Write a Letter to your Ex but Don’t Send It

Write a letter to your ex without sending it. This will let you express yourself and get out all of the emotions that are difficult to share with friends or family. If its not cathartic, rewrite what you wrote until it is. Once this task is complete, put the letter in an envelope and store it under your bed for three months. if you still want to send it... go for it.

This will also give time for things like anger towards them or extreme sadness from missing them to subside so that there's enough mental space left over for rational thought about how life can go on after a breakup

The goal here isn't necessarily closure but instead, acceptance--accepting that romantic relationships don't always turn out the way you want and thats part of growing.

5) Hide the photos of your ex in your phone

Every day apple gives you those fun photos from your phone. Except a lot of times it can include your ex. Seeing them over and over again can be painful. Make sure to go to your albums, navigate to "Faces" (apple groups your contacts by faces) and hide all the photos with your ex in it (it doesn't delete them in case you're not ready for that. Just stops showing them.) This will stop your brain from constantly being triggered with painful memories.

6) Spend time with family to get over a breakup

It can be hard to get over a breakup, but it's especially difficult when you don't have anyone who understands what you're going through. Spending time with family is an excellent way to feel less alone in your breakup and the best thing for this advice is that they won't judge you either! Family will support whatever decisions you make after a breakup, and nothing helps us get over the loneliness from a breakup than the over abundance of love and attention that comes from family time

7) Remember He’s not Perfect

Remember that he's not perfect and there are plenty of other people who would be lucky to have you. You're a catch, you deserve someone better than him! It may take time, but don't give up on love just because one person hurt you.


What now? The answer is up to you. Know that whatever you do, it will be okay! You are strong enough and capable of getting back on your feet. This breakup has just opened the door for new possibilities in life - better ones than before, even.

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