7 Easy Steps for the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Make sure your profile is strong and includes these tips

There are dating sites for every type of online dating persona, but what do you do about those dreaded dating profiles? You might be looking to find your perfect match or just get a date. Either way, if you want to set yourself up for success with online dating, and part of that success is creating the best dating profile possible. In this blog post we will discuss seven easy steps for creating the ultimate dating profile!

Now, a lot of this will depend on what you are looking for and which dating app you use. Apps that only show one photo like Tinder or Hinge need a different strategy than ones that show many people like Lantern. First, you need to figure out what dating app is best for your needs. If you want a dating website that caters specifically to people in the same faith as yourself or share similar hobbies and interests with someone of the opposite sex then it might be worth investing some time into researching sites that are tailored just for them.

Check out our Ultimate List of Every Dating App article that breaks it down into ten different categories:

Now, let's get to building a great online dating profile!

Step One: About You

Start with a clear and concise introduction of yourself at the top of your dating profile. Avoid using cliches like "I enjoy the outdoors" or "I love traveling." Try something more personal, like what you do in your free time, your favorite movie or something that really defines you. You could say that you are an avid reader who loves nothing better than being curled up on the couch with a good book. Or maybe you're someone who prefers to be active and spends their weekends running marathons, hiking mountains or practicing yoga?

  • Use an attention grabbing headline about you:  "I like to buy lobsters at restaurants and then set them free in the ocean" style
  • Write about yourself briefly without any cliche phrases.
  • Add hobbies and ways you like to spend your time - or use Lantern Dating App which matches you based on your hobbies and preferences.
  • Include a quote from your favorite author or tastemaker to show how worldy and sophisticated you are and that you def don't each Cheetos in sweatpants at nights.

But seriously, adding something personal about yourself into your dating profile, like a beautiful piece of literature that captures who you are as a person, will allow others reading profiles an inside look into what makes up your personality. It's also shows another side to your personality which is always good in dating and makes it easier for people to talk to you when they message your dating profile!

Step Two: Photos

Photos that Get Attention to your online dating profile have made it easier for people looking for long term relationships as well as hookups, but there's an art to finding the right dating profile pictures.

Ask Friends Which is a Great Photo of You

We are not great judges of our photos especially when It comes to our dating profiles. We want to show the world that we look one way but meanwhile we look way better in a different photo. Online dating is all about appealing to the right person for you. So using a photo your friends feel makes you look good is a great way toward that goal.

Additional Photo Tips

  • Good lighting is the most important element in a photo. Make sure your lighting is bright which shows you are open and not hiding anything.
  • No sunglasses as your primary dating profile photo. Makes sure your face is clearly visible.
  • Do not post a selfie. Make sure it's a photo taken by another person. It seems silly but this shows you have friends willing to take time out of their day to take your photo. It's a subtle but important indicator to others that you have social proof.
  • Make sure the photo is recent.
  • Avoid posing in any online dating profile. Dating apps keep telling you to do different poses and faces but the best is to be natural and in the middle of doing something you love.  
  • Add at least 3 photos (or make sure to hook up your instagram account if the dating app has that option).
  • Use different photos for different dating apps depending on what you are trying to achieve. One dating app is focused on quick sex while another is focused on looking for love so obviously those will be different styles.
  • Use dating profile photos that show your positive personality. At Lantern our favorite one is a young man with his dog and the dog is laying in his arms and you can just see the happiness between them. His profile gets a lot of love.  

Step Three: Don't Be Afraid to be Yourself

Is there a part of you you're afraid to show on your dating profile because you think people will make fun of you or think badly? Now is the time to yell it from the rooftops (or more like yell it from your online dating profile)! The funny thing is those things we think will scare away a long term partner is the exact thing that will draw the right person in.

Aka if you show who you really are, your online dating profile can actually help find you somebody who actually likes the weirdest parts of you. (A good rule of thumb with weirdness though is don't be sexual. Sexual on dating apps is never good until you really have been talking to someone for a minute. If you think it's being sexual it probably is and switch that for something else weird about you, like your love for eating ginger plain or the fact that you love listening to opera.)

Step Four: Build A Positive Dating Apps Profile

The best online dating profile is one filled with positive attitudes. Put yourself out there without being too negative (unless it's that dry humor) - remember that people can feel how much they like someone by reading their dating profile!

No matter what type of person you are looking for, be proud of who you are as well as everything that makes up who you want to meet.

Step Five: Make Sure Your Online Dating Profile Says What You're Looking For

You might be looking for love, a quick hook up or some serious dating but don't leave someone guessing about your dating profile. If you are interested in something more than just meeting some new people on the dating app, then make sure to let it known from your dating profile what you want and what not. Otherwise we can end up with an awkward conversation when one of us is disappointed about where this could go while the other person was thinking that's exactly what they wanted too!

The best way to avoid this situation is by being clear upfront so there aren't any misunderstandings later on down the line. (Unless you really do just wanna meet new friends - which is cool!)

Step Six: Keep Dating Safe Online

Dating Apps are a great way to meet new potential partners - just make sure you do it safely! When meeting someone from an online dating site in real life there should always be a friend with you as well as never going alone. Meeting up at crowded places like coffee shops will also give everyone more anonymity which means less chance of being threatened physically. Remember that dangers exist both online and offline dating so always be cautious.

- Meet in public places

- Bring a friend with you when meeting online dating partners

- Take all of the necessary precautions for safety, whether it's talking to someone online or meeting them face to face

- Practice good judgement when it comes to privacy on apps by not giving out too much personal information past what's on your profile and being careful about who you approve as a friend.

Make sure to read this article we wrote on "Safe Online Dating Practices". It gives some top notch tips and tricks including some by a retired FBI Female Agent!

Step Seven: Keep Your Online Dating Profile Up To Date

Ok, this isn't really thaaaat important and in a world where you have four or five dating apps on your phone, updating stuff constantly is a little silly. Still, whichever your primary app is, try to keep it updated. This will keep people who are looking for something similar in their lives (whether it is love, friends, or even a hook up) interested and curious about the best way to contact you.


We hope that this gives you some ideas for crafting the best online dating profiles possible! This is just a general dating guide - make sure to spend time going through other dating profiles and think about what makes them effective before starting your own. The more effort put into making an online dating profile, the better chance of finding someone (or something) worth meeting in person!"

If you are stuck dating inside during the pandemic or have gotten used to virtual dating check out our article giving you all the best ways to date online - even in virtual reality! We break it down for you here.

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