10 Virtual Date Ideas for the Pandemic

Even in the event of a pandemic, you can have fun with your date! Here are ten virtual date ideas:

In a world where our normal lives are being disrupted daily by another disaster or pandemic (looking at you Delta Variant), it can feel hard to find time for anything, let alone an actual date. But that doesn't mean you should give up on finding romance! For the virtual-dater with a busy life, dating has actually evolved a lot since the pandemic has forced people to get creative (and companies are happy to oblige). So here are ten virtual date ideas to try when you don't have any other options.

These virtual date ideas involve everything from virtual reality to digital scavenger hunts and even includes a section on virtual reality dating. This virtual date idea list is a great resource for anyone looking to try some new things this season, even if you're not in the same city as your partner!

Take A Digital Art Class

Something about creating art together really makes couples connect. There are tons of online classes for different styles of art, from watercolor painting to digital illustration. You can even find courses that let you paint or draw together on the same screen! Creating something together is a pro way to get to not only get to know your partner but to grow and change as well.

Send Them a Themed Box Date Night Item

This is perfect for the person who loves surprises! Send them a box with something that signifies an evening date. Say, hypothetically, you're going to send your partner a pizza; include some DVDs of their favorite movies and make sure there's plenty of napkins and utensils included too.

There are tons of companies that specialize in themed box date nights, and allow you to connect over things you actually want to. For instance, want to solve a murder? There is a box that will send you all the clues to unsolved murders and you and your date can be on facetime solving the puzzle together (Click here to buy the Box!). Want to try a new restaurant? There's a company that will send you all the info for a new place in your zip code so you can have an awesome meal and not worry about driving. This letes you erally change up the date ideas to suit your likes.

Watch a Movie Together

Ok this is a one of the more basic virtual date ideas but there is a way to be super cute about it. First send them dinner. Next, lots of services like Netflix and Hulu allow you to sync up and do watch parties so the movie plays for both of you at the same time. You can also download the show and watch it later. This is great if you're both in different time zones or just want to have a date night at home.

Play Games Together

Playing games is a perfect way to have fun without talking for hours! There are tons of different types, depending on your mood. The best part about this virtual date idea? You can play together wherever you want.

Send Them A Scavenger Hunt

It's always hard to find time in the day when we're all so busy with work and life commitments. Virtual Date Ideas are kind of a life saver since a virtual date can take place anytime, anywhere. But what about making it a little more physical: Send them a scavenge hunt where they'll be able to explore new places while trying something new- like experimenting with an international cuisine or taking up archery (or ax throwing if you're in Brooklyn). This could be a great option if one partner doesn't live near the other, but both partners would still enjoy virtual dates done apart. Obviously you can be on a video call together, the idea is to do something new.

Play iPhone Games Together:

iMessage has some really great games that you play while you video chat on your date. It's surprisingly fun when you're long distance, just make sure to let them win every once in awhile.

Play Card Games Together - Old School

- Play games over video chat like Cards Against Humanity or Mario Kart 64 (hopefully this one still works.)

Pro Level: Virtual Reality

Ok we are a little biased because we really see a future where a lot of experiences happen in virtual reality. Apple has a virtual reality headset planned for 2022 and the Oculus Quest by Facebook is an incredible all in one headset that you just take out of the box, put on your head and date night comes to you. Granted it's not as easy as a video call but you can sit with your date in beautiful places around the world, even in the White House with President Obama.

Below we listed some of the best apps to use for your virtual dating experience.

*you and your date both need an Oculus quest to do these virtual dates. It is $300 and incredibly worth It. Makes a great holiday present and if you can afford it, send one to your lucky date so you guys can play together (flex flex).

You can pick one up here at the Oculus Website.

Virtual Dates:

Movie Night: Bigscreen VR

This is one of our favorite date ideas. Yep you can watch a movie together in a virtual reality movie theatre. Your avatars will be sitting next to each other, you can turn and talk to each other during the movie, you can even throw virtual popcorn at each other if you like (you can throw real popcorn also but it wont hit them because...ya know.. it's a virtual date). It's super intimate date and really great for long distance to make you feel like you are together. There are a few different apps to use but bigscreen is the best rated.

Archery: Elven Assassins Player vs Player

You can shoot long distance arrows at each other in a grand caste overlooking a frozen mountain. This game is incredible and has an incredible realistic mechanism. The adrenaline is even realer. You see that arrow coming at you and you DUCK. We've even had family game night where half our family is in here shooting arrows at each other to see who can get the highest score. More importantly its beautiful and serene and you can talk to each other. It's such a different experience to be able to connect while also playing this game.

Poker: Pokerstars Virtual Reality

Does your date like poker? Why not do a virtual date poker night at locations around the world? Play in over 10 different super beautiful locations (a yacht, on a space port overlooking a galaxy, in a Macau hotel suite etc). The avatars are fun and make you feel like you aren't doing a long distance date. Plus, this game has some of the best props in the metaverse to date. A tiny cow and donkey. Laser swords. Tons of stuff to fill the time as you're waiting for the cards to be dealt.

Shooting Games: Population One

Do you and your date like to shoot things? Well Population One lets you play the two of you against other teams. It will drop you in the middle of an abandoned area and you will have to fight against the other players. Its a heart pumping date night that is a perfect way to have fun with a partner in virtual reality.

Golf or Tennis: TopGolf & Eleven

Want something more relaxed? Play some virtual reality Golf on your virtual date. You can also play table tennis, regular tennis or even SNOWBOARD (although I dont think that is two player.)


You can Box your date in a virtual ring. It's incredible and you will work up a sweat, laugh and hopefully lose gracefully.


This is also a pretty fun virtual date because the chess pieces move and kill each other like in Harry Potter and the settings are breathtaking.


Virtual dating is only getting started. It's not just the next logical step in our increasingly digital world, it also offers an alternative to physical dating when it might be difficult to go out and meet people under more traditional circumstances such as during a pandemic or other disaster situation. Not to mention there is a huge new segment of daters who just don't really remember what to do. Sometime figuring out date ideas can be overwhelming.

Just remember to do things in the online digital world that you enjoy. Sharing those experiences is what builds a great relationship.

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