10 Star Wars Dating Moods!

We take a look at some dating moods from a galaxy far far away.


May the Fourth be With You! Star Wars has this strange ability to inspire hope and encourage us to dream big. It beautifully blends ancient with futuristic, skepticism with spirituality and somehow makes us all feel included. To celebrate May 4th we’ve put together some great moments from the movies that have taught us a thing or two about relationships.

“I Have a Bad Feeling About This”

The famous line is said by a different character is every single movie. It’s there. Pay attention to your gut always and if you’ve got a bad feeling - bug out!


“Never Tell me the Odds!”

Men don’t focus on your odds. Just do it.
Women, men need some encouragement.


“Somebody has to save our skins”

Its 2021. Plan the date. Ask him out. Women are taking charge of their destiny.


It’s a Trap!

Don’t answer that question about how many people you’ve slept with!


The Force is Strong with this One

It’s going well. He jives. Knows the right things to say. Where to look.


You truly belong here with us among the clouds

He puts you in the right light and knows your value.


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