Dating focused on you.

A “control your story” style app matching you with others making the same choices.

Click on the iPhone screen for a walk-through of the experience.

Lantern takes you on a journey that changes with each selection.

After an answer is chosen, the very next screen shows other people who made the same choice. Your Lantern inbox is filled with potential dates who want to talk about your favorite topics.

What people are saying about us

Great Concept

Finally something to be excited about in dating apps. I haven’t seen anything meaningful come along in this category in a really long time.

Quality Connections

Feel like there’s more to talk about to break the ice with girls now. Before on apps like Tinder, if the first thing you said wasn’t perfect the convo would be dry. Now relating back to questions we both answered keeps convo alive and spicy.

Fun Creative Approach

I have been so sick of superficial matching apps. Lantern gives you a chance to match with people who think like you, like the same things, and leads you on a journey to a match.

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